All this data, what does it all mean?

DataWhys rule-based machine learning software discovers combinations of conditions to optimize outcome metrics.
While it has a wide variety of applications, its use is motivated in any organizational process where there exists:  

A high importance to find and explain quality solutions.

A need to integrate expandability and interpretability with existing or other modelling work

Process related data

DataWhys answers  these questions.

What factors influence outcomes?

Why do outcomes occur?

How can we get the outcomes we want?

The DataWhys approach

DataWhys augments existing modelling approaches by providing a prescriptive set of rules that allows for greater understanding and precise courses of action.

Accelerate the time to value with quicker actionable insights.
Integrate seamlessly into existing workflows.
Improve performance at scale.

What makes DataWhys different from other modelling approaches?

Traditional modelling approaches try to predict every point. But there are always places where models do better and places where they do worse.  DataWhys is different in that it divides the space into segments where a common set of conditions reliably describes specific outcomes.

Who Do We Work With?

DataWhys has applications in various industries.





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