Bringing interpretability & transparency to decision making.

With DataWhys, supplement your existing analytic and modelling approaches by building rules-based knowledge out of your data - without disrupting your current workflow.

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Transform your decision making.

Rather than creating a model to predict future outcomes, DataWhys provides decision-makers with prescriptive recommendations on how to achieve optimal results in different situations.

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Take control of your data.
Transform your operations.

With our end to end solution you can analyze faster, optimize your processes and increase profits

Full service data integration, data visualization, and AI solution for enterprises. For business analysts, product managers, business managers/directors, risk officers, compliance officers, and others.

Python notebook widget that helps businesses interpret and explain their models. For data scientists, data engineers, data analysts.

Client Testimonials

“DataWhys helps us to accelerate the optimization of our processes and to speed up decision making.”

Khalid Saad Zaghloul
Head of Digital Risk & Fintechs at BNP Paribas
Khalid Saad Zaghloul
Head of Digital Risk & Fintechs at BNP Paribas

Bring clarity to your data.

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