About Us

DataWhys is a New York based software as a service (SaaS) firm that has developed a  proprietary suite of technologies in the field of data analytics. DataWhys has applications across a variety of industry verticals.

Our artificial intelligence powered data mining platform uses a unique approach to identify the optimal configurations of variables that predict and explain given outcomes.

DataWhys provides  business decision makers as well as data scientists with understandable insights through an easy to use interface. DataWhys also enables deeper integration and end to end solution development via our Python software development kit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the power of interpretability and transparency to organizations. Our artificial intelligence technology helps businesses and organizations discover valuable insights buried in their existing data and models.

Our History

DataWhys designed the first commercial prototype of its algorithm in 2016. Since then our team of engineers have further refined the technology behind DataWhys Explorer and Interpreter. Today, DataWhys offers the most interpretable and transparent artificial intelligence powered data analytics solution on the market.

Our Team

 Noreen Harrington

President & Board Member

Arash Aalam


Philip Simotas


Guy Liégaux

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